Buckley & Boo offers our clients a fresh approach to wooden and bamboo products.   Our hand-picked branded range is manufactured from the best lightweight materials.  Bamboo is the core component in our product range and grows naturally and abundantly in nature.  The products are harvested free from pesticides

Buckley & Boo are extremely passionate and proud to support this eco-friendly initiative. The exclusivity and diversity of our bamboo products are trendy and popular among all age groups.

Express your individuality by choosing your next Buckley & Boo product now.

Be Different.  Wear Wood


Based on the latest fashion trends in Europe, Buckley & Boo accomplished fashion buyers bring you the latest brands in fashion accessories. Buckley & Boo have beautifully crafted merchandise which includes watches, rings and sunglasses.

The Buckley & Boo fragrance range is extremely popular and these oil based perfumes are uniquely blended to tantalise the imagination.

In 2017, Buckley & Boo proudly launches their jewellery line.  Fashion accessories like no other, chosen for their uniqueness and beauty to evolve our current product line with other stylish and earthy commodities.

Joe Kruger
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